Becoming a Passhole

February 2019

Without a doubt, this was probably the best day of my husband’s life! Just kidding–that would be the day he married me. But his first trip to Disney was still exciting all the same. 

During this time we found ourselves living in Florida, searching for ways to celebrate our third wedding anniversary which was coming up in June. After almost being convinced into a trip to LegoLand, we thought, “Why not Disney?” 

Since Disney is my other love, we opted to save money and put my Disney Vacation Club membership to good use. Resort reservation? Check! I was beyond ecstatic to share this special time with him.

Getting our tickets came next, but I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to buy tickets for all the parks, or just pick and choose one or two. I then remembered a Disney trip experience from six years prior, and we ended up purchasing a Florida Resident-Only ticket special that included 3-day Park Hopper tickets. The kicker? The tickets were only redeemable from June 1st to August 31st. 

I was so excited for the trip that I immediately texted my sister-by-choice, Missy, that we were all booked and ready for our anniversary! She commented that they would be coming down for her grandchildren’s first Disney trip at the end of April and that she wished we could be there. It didn’t take much convincing at all, and we were soon planning to make a surprise trip prior to our anniversary trip.

So there we were–a short time post-planning and acting on a whim to surprise my niece and nephew for the weekend. Missy had booked a decent sized two-bedroom suite at Animal Kingdom Lodge, so we were able to stay with her and her family for the few days we were there. As for getting into the parks, we still had those special deal summer tickets for our anniversary trip. We took a moment to discuss whether it would be better to just use them at that moment and later buy additional tickets for the anniversary trip in June. We decided that it just made more sense to trade them in for annual passes. Being a Florida resident surely had its perks–it made being a Disney Passhole affordable!

Thus began our frequent weekend trips to Disney World, buffered with a few solo trips that my husband would take in between our planned visits. We absolutely loved everything Disney had to offer– the rides, eating all the snacks, meeting the characters, eating more snacks, taking in the scenery…did I mention snacks?

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